29 June 2010, 11am - 03pm

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 50 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

The UK Branch of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has commissioned MigrationWork CIC to scope a possible programme of work on migration and cross-cultural understanding. Most people invited to this small event have already helpfully taken part in this scoping exercise, in interviews about migration issues that are potentially important but as yet underdeveloped. The round table is an opportunity to explore in more depth two key themes now emerging from this work.


1. Transnationality, transience and belonging

2. The role of cultural activities in changing minds on migration

We have invited a wide range of participants who we believe can contribute to a lively discussion. They include people who run services in public and third sectors, UK government, funders, policy analysts, academics and specialist experts.

We are asking all participants to send a brief response to the round table themes, outlining their thoughts on how those themes could be most usefully developed. The responses, as well as a summary of our research for the Gulbenkian Foundation so far, will be posted on the website in due course.

The round table will be a structured but free flowing discussion on the themes. The ideas and conclusions will form part of the paper that we and the Foundation hope to publish as part of the work.

Significant new shifts in the EU population
Transnationality subverts overpowering capital, ensuring that there is movement of labour, trading, the fluidity of ideas, movements, the universality of rights.
Cultural activities serve a vital purpose in bringing about change
Ambassadors rather than victims
Practical, positive and universal tool
Opportunity to explore and understand cultures, traditions and increasing diversity in Britain.
Possibility for exploration of sensitive or controversial issues.
An issue increasingly recognised to be central in migration..
Cultural activities as joint, shared production ...
Right to own multiple identities
Creative activities clearly make a difference
Contributors to the cosmopolitanism and dynamism
Putting a human touch but also perceived as a barrier
Tension between universal rights and senses of entitlement
An unnecessary luxury in terms of public support?

Andrew Barnett
Jon Simmons
Ann Phoenix
Lynda Lawrence
Vaughan Jones
Will Somerville
Katherine Mann
Heather Petch
Gill Green
Jake Ferguson
Tim Baster
Neil Amas
Yesim Guzelpinar
Ben Gidley
Bill Bolloten
Alessio D'Angelo
Susan Cueva
John Speyer
Chris Myant
Esme Peach
Juan Camilo
Allan Cox
Richard Stanton
Sue Lukes
Zafir Behlic
Martin Essayan
Annabel Knight
Isabel Lucena
Louisa Hooper
Rob Clyne
Danny Dorling

Latest News
Notes from the round table

To download an MS Word version of the notes from the round table, click here

Summary paper from a new JRF study

This paper reports on the use of community-based forums to engage new and settled populations and explores their potential to promote understanding between groups.

MigrationWork scoping study summary paper now available

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A report by MigrationWork in partnership with Migrants Rights Network, funded by the City Parochial Foundation.

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